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Thread: Speculation of scattershot placement.

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    Speculation of scattershot placement.

    With the announcement of the new scattershot defense, I'm curious how base builders are already speculating on where to place it in a base.
    As with the EA, placement is crucial as it is sometimes in the center, sometimes near the th, sometimes on the opposite side of the th (forcing an attacker into deciding which to go after first: ea ir rh?), etc.
    Will the scattershot be regarded as just as crucial of a defense as the ea, thus placing it in such a way to make it a priority for attackers to destroy?
    Its limited range means it would maybe best be used to help protect key defenses or structures?
    I realize we don't have a lot of info, but for those base designers out there, what are your initial thoughts for placement of the scattershot?

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    I bet that many designs will have them overlap each other. These are a killer for hogs and lalo attacks, and if you overlap there is no effective dead zone.

    They probably wont be near the townhall. Many attacks will warden through the townhall, which reduces the effectiveness of nearby defenses.

    Given the immense aoe air and ground dps (currently 180ish dps in the dev build that Ive seen on YouTube) these are as high or higher in priority for queen charges/kill squads than the eagle for hog/miner/lalo attacks. Hounds wont be as suitable for tanking anymore due to the scatter.

    I have a feeling they will scale back the dps. Currently a single scattershot does twice as much dps as a multi inferno when it hits 5 targets.
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    Scattershot islands should be popular, to cover their deadzone. They'd need to be well guarded to protect against the RC, though. Overlapping can work, but is more risky against larger kill squads.

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    I think most effective near an xbow, inferno or some other defense able to cover the blind spot but maybe does not deal as much damage....I see them placed mainly in what appear to have been empty spaces...I still see very few purpose built TH13 designs from scratch.

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