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    I am going to start perma-banning Forum accounts for posting leaks. Consider this a final warning.
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    that's an awesome news
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    LOL Darian thats a good one haha

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    Can we post about leeks?

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    The plumbing business will be hurt significantly if people can’t tell them about their leaks!

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    Here come the fun police! I don't come to the forums to talk about stuff we already know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mynameisnotjimmy View Post
    Here come the fun police! I don't come to the forums to talk about stuff we already know.
    So come back for the sneak peaks, not the sneak leaks. Nobody likes to have surprises ruined.
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    If it isn't true, can it still be considered a leak? More like fake news? If it is a genuine leak, don't you think solving the problem by the root cause is more important? Don't people sign NDAs for such things?

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    I can understand your frustration, and can see if the posts here are ground zero for the leaks. But all the leaks posted here are from other sites, which have far greater traffic then the forums. Take a look at the original revel post, less then 700 readers, and both the siege machine post and scatter shot post each have ~1000 reads, in the big picture of millions of clash players does it make that much of a difference?
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