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    Builder Discount

    If I upgrade an Xbow then after I start the upgrade get the 10,15,20% builder discounts. Will the time reduction be applied even though the upgrade has already been started? Hoping to get the time knocked down on some buildings by a few hours before the Winter Jam Event ends.

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    Depends. If the time left is more than the reduced time (say original time is 10 days and 9 days with 10% reduction), then it goes down to 9 days. But if your time left is 8 days, it won't reduce.
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    Piper jhas it right.

    Basically, the discounbt is knocked off the time at the start of the build. But if you have more time left than there would be after the discount, it knocks it down to the point it would have been if you started it now.
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