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    Master Builder

    I noticed thatís the clock tower boost donít affect the master builder when heís working on the home village, would be great (my oppinion) if it did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Royal0knight View Post
    Yes i know your opponion good but already 5 builder and 1 master builder so i do not think we need to boost them...and you boost your 5 builders so why you need this service..
    Why not? Now I don't have the 6th builder unlocked, but not being to boost it when you can the others doesn't seem awesome.

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    Did you see how long the boat ride was in the BB update teaser video? Clock tower is too far away to affect main village! I’m not positive but I’d bet that builder potions work on the master builder when he is in the main village.

    edit: The journey was so long that the wizard ate the hog riders hog!
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    Builder potions affect all builders on home base including the master builder when doing gear ups. Clock tower only works on the builder base side. When on home base, he follows home base rules.
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