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    I been thinking how cool it would be if Builder Hall base had wars like Town Hall base does! Would it be possible, I thought!? Builder Hall is very different and unique than Town Hall base is. The very nature of Builder Hall wouldn’t allow for wars to take place like they do on Town Hall base wars. So how could it be possible?
    My thought... Head to Head of course. Just like Builder Base versus battles are!

    See, Builder Hall is designed for Head to Head matches, conflicts. The way I see it, the only way to design Builder Hall wars, is to have them Head to Head as well. Here’s how I see it, if I could explain the idea in total! BARE with me though, the concept is a LONG idea... Please read it through!

    As in regular builder hall fights, both parties involved need be present when the match is fighting, or one side loses as they didn’t accomplish enough objectives, or gain enough stars. Many times, we’ve seen a fight where the opponent wasn’t there after the fact. In Build Hall Clan Wars, it would be the same. All Parties participating for either side need to be present at the time the Clan War match begins.

    The whole challenge in the Wars of the Town Hall, is TEAM Collaboration. No matter how good one or two players on one team is, if the whole team is not in perfect harmony of collaboration, than it’s quite possible, the opponent might be more coordinated than your team, and they pull off the victory! In Builder Hall Clan War match, it’s the same. Not only do all the participants for one clan need be there (be online) for the match, but the team needs to work together if they’re to accomplish anything. Like a victory!

    Builder Hall Clan Wars (prospective idea);
    Clan vs Clan, both sides are 5 v 5 Players. Both sides, all 5 players must be online when match begins. Both sides, all players must work together to accomplish the victory. In Builder Hall Clan Wars, the Objectives are the same, 50% Destruction; Destroy the Builder Hall; and reach 100%. However, Builder Hall Clan Wars, having to involve the Clan as a Whole, must prepare the Clan’s Base to fight. Yes, this idea uses a collaborative base of your clan to fight against a collaborative base of the other clan. But it must be built prior to the fight, for both sides. Hear me out...
    Lets broaden the view, to get a better understanding. In order to have a Clan Builder Hall base, only used during any Builder Hall Clan War, the bases are bigger than any individual Builder Hall, and the fight itself is using more troops taking place, so… the Space all this involves and the time Allowed should both be increased. Take the space we have now for the Builder Hall base maps… Expand that 5x total. This over all space, will be sort of split in Half. At the beginning of the match, all participants of Both clans, will have a simultaneous counter of 5 min to prepare/build your clan base! Who is building? All 5 participants!! Building what? The same Builder Base, but larger. Each player for the Clan bring HIS OWN BASE’s buildings, ALL of them, to the Clan’s Builder base. So with collaboration, while the other 4 members of your clan are building in the same general area you are, you’re also building the base structures YOU bring with you! AT THE SAME TIME, the Other clan your about to fight, all 5 members are also building their base in a collaborative effort! You can’t see what their doing, and they can’t see what your clan is doing, as if both sides are covered by a smoke screen!!

    As for the Bases reflecting what 1 builder base looks like for any player, all the buildings each player brings, reflect the same they have on their own base. The only difference is the Builder Hall itself. It will be ONE builder Hall, equalling the TOTAL HP size of all 5x Builder halls combined. All the other buildings are as they were from each individual base. Basically, it would end up as one CHAOTIC mess of buildings. Everyone collaboratively places their own buildings. Once a team mate places a building on a specific spot, no other building can take the spot. A well oiled team may have a solid structured organized base, a lot harder to destroy! An unorganized chaotic team, will have a messy base!! Get my Drift?

    HOWEVER, both Clan Builder Hall bases being built, are being built ON the same map! Different from the normal Builder Hall battles, i know. So on one half the map, you have five players building a Collaborative Builder Hall base on half the map, and the other side, you have five more players also building a collaborative base, on the other side of map. Remember, I did mention both sides have a time limit… so after 5 minutes, when time is almost up, maybe they get a final minute warning to alert all 10 players (5 on both sides). Than a 30 second warning. Both only show up for a second, and disappear. However, at 10 seconds remaining, it counts down on screen from 10 - 0. What happens to the buildings someone leaves OUT because they couldn't find a place?? You say... Consider them already destroyed!! You just did your opponent a favor because you didn't get all your buildings built... and now made it more difficult for your team to make up that damage... OR maybe, the other team also didn't place some buildings... That's the Nature of the HEAD TO HEAD CHALLENGE!

    While setting up and building the base, your contribution to the base, you also choose your army camps you wish to use under your control. So you have that 5 min of prep time placing your building contributions, as well as choosing what your Camps are for use. USE your time wisely! Not choosing your camps in time, your camps are automatically chosen for you based on your last war's choices.

    Once that timer hits zero, both sides of the battle, all 10 players, get a visual “BATTLE ON!” or something creative! All players only control their OWN troops, but see ANY troop on the map. So when your enemy drops troops, you see those and where. When your team drops troops, you see those and where! This is where the real EXCITING time comes. The objectives are the same on BUILDER BASE CLAN BATTLE as they are on regular Builder Hall VS battles. Your team gets 1 star for reaching 50% damage on Enemy Clan Base (all buildings contributed, even considering those not placed in time), and one star for destroying the main (CLAN) Builder Hall aswell. And third star for destroying 100% of the enemy base! However…. Because it’s a direct face off between both clans… Only ONE side of the battle can reach the 3 star 100% destruction. No matter how close the other side is to reaching 100%, the Battle is over the moment 1 side hits 100%, and they claim automatic victory! This way, NO TIES of 100% - 100%...

    As any player is capable for dropping their troops any time against enemy or on friendly side, the troops will FIGHT EACH OTHER as well as against enemy defenses. So… one team my deligate (if organize) 1 or 2 players to be defensive and protect their own side, while 1 or 2 other players might be delegated as the attack, or however a team organizes it… Troops can be dropped to defend, as well as attack. No matter where on battle field their dropped, all troops will automatically gravitate towards the enemy base, but can be distracted by enemy troops.So once a troop is finished fighting an enemy troop, it continues to target towards the enemy Clan Base.

    How long does this last?? 10 minutes for a fight! (or however long the developers think is efficient). The fight ends in one of three ways. As I mentioned above, if one team has dealt 100% damage to other Clan Base, the CLAN BATTLE is over that moment, the team reaching that 100% gets the victory. Another way, is if both teams have expended ALL troops, and all troops have died, the CLAN BATTLE is over at that time as well. The Victory goes to the Clan with more stars/or more Damage %, same as determined in normal Build Battle. Third, is when the Time Runs out, all fighting stops, and the score is than calculated the same way as the 2nd.

    Overall. The entire BUILDER HALL CLAN BATTLE will take 15 min. 5 for Prep, and 10 for the Clan Battle. Once the battle is over, the Winning clan gets rewarded trophy count to the Clan as a whole, but than those trophies are distributed proportionally to each player in the CLAN battle based upon an algorithym reflecting how much damage each player caused, to enemy troops, as well as buildings. Each player receiving those trophies can choose to receive and keep them for self, or return them back to the Clan as a whole. Any trophies the clan receives as a whole, can go towards the Clan level for Clan Bonuses. Trophies to players, will obviously be used by player to benefit himself.

    As for inItiation? The Clan leader initiates the CLAN BATTLE Search. As I mentioned, any player participating needs to be online at the time of initiating. It would be a two step process for the Clan Battle to initiate. First, the Leader, or anyone they authorize, chooses to start a CLAN BATTLE search. Before this search begins, he chooses who will participate, nominating the other 4 players. As he chooses each name, a message on said players screen pops up in game asking “You’ve been chosen to take part in CLAN BATTLE. Do you wish to accept? You understand you must remain online for 15 min to complete?” And the player chooses yes or no. If he says no, the leader gets a message saying something like NM, on of those you chose has decided their not worthy enough, canceling your CLAN BATTLE search. Once ALL 4 have said YES, the leader gets message, “Clan Battle Search initiated. Please stand by.” Once a match is setup, all players get a message asking “Are you ready to CLAN BATTLE?” Everyone participating has 1 min to respond. Once all 10 have said yes, everyone gets the same start message, time, as I mentioned above… Both Clans involved see a HALF shrowded/covered map of cloud cover they can’t see, and half a BLANK base, with the CLAN Builder Hall in the middle (or MAYBE... the LEADER first places where HE wants the Builder HALL placed, once he places it, all 5 players on team now have the remaining time to place their own buildings). ALL 5 players of both sides begin to place buildings where they want, while watching the rest of their team do the same.

    Very long and descriptive. I know... but
    That’s my idea for…
    I hope we can see this soon!!!!!

    What do you all think?? Can this be possible...

    WHAT do the developers think?? Has this caught their attention!?

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    I think having to get 10 players between 2 clans online at the same time for this to be viable is what makes it unworkable. That, and that SC has said that they don’t plan on having any clan wars on BB. Also could use a TL/DR.

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    "Both sides, all 5 players must be online when match begins. Both sides, all players must work together to accomplish the victory."

    That condition alone would prevent my own clan from ever participating. We are an international clan of working adults, most with children at home. Yes, there are times that 5 or more of us may be coincidently online at the same time, but the game is a game for a diversion in daily task when time permits.

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    I don't need to read this through because the CoC team has made it clear they don't want to take the Builder Base down the same path as the Main Village and as such aren't interested in adding BB wars.

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