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Thread: Ability to trade coins for Xp to get higher in rank

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    Ability to trade coins for Xp to get higher in rank

    I have been trying really hard to get to level 34 before x-mas but Iím having trouble doing that because Iím in school and that takes 6 hours out of my day so it is very hard to do so I think everyone would like to just trade some hundred coins for some hundred xp that would help out a lot or if you could spend 10-20 diamonds to fill up your Xp bar full that would be nice
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    HayDay is a resource management game. Sometimes getting to a higher level too soon can leave you with not enough coins to buy the production machine(s) available at that level. As soon as a machine becomes available you can and most likely will be asked for items that are produced on it.

    if you have a booster card with the XP star on it, use it while you will be playing for the time amount on that card. Those boosters can increase your XP from 10% to 50%.

    Take a look at your truck board. If the orders offer less coin than you think they should they most likely will offer better XP. You can always trash them until you get requests with the type of XP you are looking for.

    Be sure to keep your pets fed and wake them up. That XP adds up too. Good luck
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    At your level youíre yet to get to the expensive machines, when you do youíll realise thatís not such a good idea!

    Thereís NO advantage to levelling up (other than the short lived thrill of getting new crops/deco/machine). Itís generally considered a bad move to level up too quickly.

    Thereís really nothing to aim for after the last machine....well, other than a few Ďcongratulationsí deco like the tree at L100.

    The lower levels up to around 80 are the most fun levels, donít rush through them!

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