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Thread: Stop having War League immediately follow Season Challenges

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    Stop having War League immediately follow Season Challenges

    Every time the Season Challenge ends, players have all these resources and want to put Heroes down, but canít because League starts immediately afterwords. So we end up wasting resources for 7 days waiting until League is over. Please change the calendar of events. Have League War start a week before the Season ends, or push back League 1 week to start 7 days after the Season ends.

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    Players request this all the time and I’d like it too but I doubt SC will change it. They do it this way to encourage buying gems/books. There is an easy work around though. Save a hero book for right after season ends. SC makes it easy to get at least 1 every season if not 2. Planning your upgrades and managing resources is a big part of CoC.

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    YES.... I agree. I came out of the last Season with ALL my resources max out, and over full as I had a NO limit storage bonus or something. Builders were busy, Vats were flowing, and War was starting... I managed to bring down Gold and Elix, but I'm still overflowing with DE, even on day 3 or 4 of war. Need a cushion between War league, clan games, and end of season!! Idk how... but something should change!

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    Dont know who this we is. I havent wasted a drop of resources until this season. Kind of hard not to since I'm maxed. It's a totally predictable event. Save a book or two. Or builder potions. Even on my th9 mini I was able to burn the resources with no problems. Pro tip, collect last book or two from pass, after season end, use them, then collect games rewards and use those. Resources burned and you get a nice boost to start cwl.
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    I used my entire season bank, including all gold, elixir, and dark elixir, within 10 minutes of receiving it and didn't spend any money or gems because I planned ahead.

    OP, when you receive your book of heroes this month at 2600 points, don't claim it. Let it sit in the season pass until the last day of the season, claim it, then when you get your season bank the next day you can use the book of heroes and all your DE. Problem solved. You've got 30 days to plan ahead so it's on YOU to solve this problem, not supercell
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    OP, I was all over this a couple of weeks ahead of the first Season Pass loot drop.

    As already mentioned, save the BoH from the end of the Silver track.

    Alternatively, save your CWL medals for Builder Potions (I delay sign-up by ~40 hours; 7 BP's will be enough to upgrade both Royals with 10% boost, 9 without).

    Consider waiting for the new season to start before collecting Clan Games rewards; if your lab is available a BoF or BoS can help you process DE if your lab isn't maxed.

    There are plenty of options, but they do require you to plan ahead.

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    Resources problems again, ... ehhh
    Should've pin a post where SC said "if GEMS can solve your problems, it's not a problem"

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    Quote Originally Posted by RachelDawnAmber View Post
    Resources problems again, ... ehhh
    Should've pin a post where SC said "if GEMS can solve your problems, it's not a problem"
    Amen! This is a free game if you have patience. Those who donít want to wait keep it free for those who wait.

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