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Thread: God$ of WAR recruiting active mid TH players

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    God$ of WAR recruiting active mid TH players

    God$ of War #PPRLVUL9 is a friendly LvL14 adult clan with both women and men. We live mostly in North America and are an English speaking only clan. GOW has an organized, experienced leadership, some veteran players and are looking to grow our numbers. GoW focuses on the middle TH 6-10 and have some 12s who farm & donate. We are especially interested in TH 10s. Our 11s graduate to one of our other clans we have that focus on TH 11 & 12. We compete in CWL Gold I.

    Ideal candidate

    • Friendly/respectful/helpful chat almost daily
    • Participate in wars at least weekly and be reliable
    • Fill donation requests when you log in & see them
    • Participate fully in clan games
    • 17+ yrs old
    • Prefer America’s time zone
    • TH 10, or 12s who want to farm (lower will be considered)


    • JAG$ – American - TH10 – 600+ war stars
    • OThomas - American - TH12/11/9 - 1k+ war stars
    • Shemsu - Canadian - Th12/11/10 - 1k+ war stars

    Minimum requirements:

    • TH 6+
    • English speaking
    • Americas or Western Europe time zones
    • Age 15+

    Apply now!

    • Drop by and mention "From supercell - I'm a fit" in request to join

    See you there !!! -Thomas

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