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    I will agree with Darian on this one.It is your job as content creator to make your channel grow not super cell

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    As an Indian who has seen the quality of our Clash You Tubers I must admit that it doesn't matter what new features they get they will continue making those cringe worthy videos.
    I only watch them sometimes to see leaks but then I get click baited 98% of the times.
    Also there is again the official clash of clans Indian You Tube channel. I have seen their latest videos. I appreciate their dedication and passion for keeping clash relevant in India while other popular battle royale games are over taking here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewtTheSlayer View Post
    Hey, they gave it a shot!

    My 12 year old started a YT channel thing. He's excited, he's up to 14 subscribers in less than a week.

    I'm not up to the intricacies of YT so I don't know if he can tell that 10 of the subscribers are my COC Google accounts.
    I am on 100 videos ryt now today in around 3-4 months I have 160 subs
    Clash is love cheers
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    Do what you love regardless of rewards, thatís the only way youíll succeed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    It is up to the talent and skill of the content creator to grow their channel. Getting access to new content will not make your channel instantly better. We keep an eye on potential talent as their channel grows so we can eventually invite them to join the content creator group. We won't add you so you can grow your channel. We won't do the work for you. You need to show us that your channel is worth it.
    Quote Originally Posted by glimerman008 View Post
    I will agree with Darian on this one.It is your job as content creator to make your channel grow not super cell
    Sometimes, it's hard to get feedback like that from people. So, yeah....there ya go.

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    Improve your content rather than asking for dev build

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