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It is hard to put a percentage on difficulty increase, month on month..
As Onyx says, the system works as a pyramid.. So as you move up the leagues, there are less clans each time..
This allows for the changes in promotion/demotion to not overly grow the top tiers, rather than reducing numbers.

But the main difference is the rate of progression..
I would expect a clan in masters to be looking to put out a roster of decent 12s now, and also know their way around a base..
Yep. We are in Masters 3 this time (15v15), and in the first 4 wars, two have had 3 TH11s, one had 1 TH11, and one was all TH12. We have 1 TH11, and have won 2 of the 3 completed (as much by luck as skill).

The competition is getting fierce, and clans appear to be more cwl focused now..
It could be due to the better rewards, or the fact the system doesnt penalise growth.. but regular war looks to be getting used as a secondary priority now.. maybe even disregarded altogether as something important.
Again, definitely true in our case. We used to always war twice weekly, now it tends to be 3-4 in total between CWL.

I do agree cwl gets harder each month.. But I think its simply due to the accelerated growth within the game, rather than the change in the M1 promotion structure.. It is likely that many of the clans that get promoted in Masters will demote next season anyway, until they gain the extra skills to settle in the next level up.
Agreed. Our last 3 seasons have been C1, promoted to M3. M3, demoted to C1. C1, promoted to M3. We might just manage to stay this time, but we have two more TH12 than last time.