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    So Th13 coming, stay or not in legend league ?

    Need expert advice out there whether to stay or not at legend league when th13 arrived ? Is 8 attack with the bonus loots enough ? Or is it better to farm at lower league ? Thanks guys.

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    If you can get more than 8 attacks in a day then it is better to stay in lower league. Mathematically you will be maxed out faster in lower league as you can farm unlimited loot and throw them into the walls upgrade.

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    Not behind you with a knife... That's for sure..
    I’m staying in legends, but if u have the time of day to get more than 8 attacks done, then definitely titans 1-3

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    I'll be in titans 1 for the update. Feel that it is better suited for farming, but may pop back into legends once I get all 6 builders going

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    Legends now, is how clash should have been from the beginning. No clouds, instant match when you are ready, fun war like attackís, lose no loot on defense. I have found a new love for the game, since going to legends a couple months ago. They really knocked that change out of the park! 8 attacks seems perfect for me, sometimes canít do them all sometimes could do more, but itís a good number.

    I donít think you will do better in lower leagues when th13 comes out. Legends bases will always have the same good loot, you wont lose any loot from attacks and bases are going to be tapped out with all the new things to spend resources on. There will be many posts on how there is no loot to be found, but there will be in legends .
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    I see no reason to stay at lower leagues, unless you can make 15 or more attacks per day to compensate the legend league bonus and the fact that you don't lose loot.
    To be able to attack 8 times with no clouds or having to search for the right base is amazing. It saves your personal time and its a more fun and efficient way to upgrade your village.

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    For me 8 attack in day pretty small number.

    8 attack only 1 h boost ( with gold pass )

    5-6 attack only 1h boost ( without gold pass )

    I every day do 2-4 time boost just for donate.

    For attack? I can do all day boost

    For my attack I don't use Royal hero, only Important for me Warden. ( for that reason always try he gemmed fast )
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    I'm staying in legends no question, I'm pretty busy with family life these days so 8 attacks suit me fine, plus the whole not losing loot system is a bonus.

    I will have to change how I attack though, rather than trying to triple every base, it will be a case of going in at as many storages i can grab.

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    Yes I think low legend will work best for me. Don’t lose loot, good loot available without skipping, 8 attacks (each on two accounts) is plenty. No need to boost or gem. Should give steady progress. Attacking with a hero down is fine, you don’t need to triple, one or two stars per attack is enough to stay above 5k.

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    there is no "enough" number of attacks, it is all depend on how much free time you have.
    my guess is once the update drop people will be more active, loot will be used and searching for bases in Titan league will force alot of skips and clouds making the search longer. I find 8 attacks in legends well balanced with my free time, since there is no clounds it allow me to attack even on short breaks and overall the loot is great, it cover the army cost no matter which army I use and most important you dont lose any loot + you gain 100% resources from pumps, mines and drills

    I checked it once with my clan mate, he've been attacking all day in titan while I did only 8 legend league and his gain wasn't significantly higher - but he spent much more time on the game then I did

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