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Thread: 😈 Fierce Sickos 😈 Looking for competitive derby addicts!

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    😈 Fierce Sickos 😈 Looking for competitive derby addicts!

    Are you a competitive derby addict who loves to win? Do you have a sense of humor and enjoy lively banter? Fierce Sickos may be the hood you’ve been looking for! 😈

    🌟 Hey there! We are a team of experienced players looking for like-minded derby sickos to join our championship league neighborhood! 🌟

    ⚡️ We are a competitive derby-focused hood and take it seriously. We strive for gold which means teamwork is super important! Everyone is very helpful, mostly chatty, & we love to have fun 🤩 Our derby is strictly 10x 320/400 all tasks completed or opt out. We are daily players, active in town & valley, and if we’re not chatting in HayDay we’re often in our private discord server! Our server has NH rules, guidelines, & special derby strategies posted which everyone agrees to on joining. This helps us all move forward as a team and know what is expected! We currently have 20 members, farm levels range from 60s-160, and we’re constantly looking to grow! ⚡️

    ✨ Our ideal candidates are: competitive; team oriented; self motivated in derby; active daily players (especially for town & valley); have a sense of humor & enjoy a good chat. Silent or very quiet players are not a good fit for us. We’d like new members who can add to our fun team atmosphere both in HayDay and Discord. International members are welcome! Right now we have players from USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, India, Germany, Romania, Sweden, and Philippines! ✨

    🏆 Requirements: 🏆
    •Level 80+ (will consider 70s if you can convince me why you’re amazing)
    •Adults 21 and over 🔞
    •Fluent in English 💬
    •Competitive in derby 🥇🥈🥉
    •GREAT communication is a MUST 💯
    •Discord chat app REQUIRED for communication outside of HayDay 🔊

    🏁 Neighborhood rules: 🏁
    •Derby 10x 320/400 all tasks completed or opt out
    •Please note: diamond task is required!
    •No reserving tasks, first come first serve
    •Read all neighborhood notifications
    •Check in with Discord every Monday for relevant derby information, and also periodically during derby
    •Let leadership know if you will be opted out for more than 2 weeks
    •Elder granted after joining Discord server (players lower than required level will play in at least one derby before receiving elder)
    •Full rules, guidelines & strategies provided in Discord

    💫 If this sounds like a hood you’d want to be part of, please send me a *private message* with your interest here or on Discord (Fillory#6389) so we can have a chat and see if it’s a good fit! 💫

    ✨ Fillory & Further ✨
    😈 Fierce Sickos 😈
    Tag #PJRRY2VG
    Purple fox on dark blue circle emblem
    ⭐️ You can easily find us by searching our name! ⭐️
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