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Thread: 😈 Fierce Sickos 😈 Looking for competitive derby addicts!

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    Bumping for Saturday
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    Fierce Sickos is recruiting again!!

    ⚡️ Are you a competitive, dedicated derby sicko who does what it takes to win? Do you have a sense of humor and enjoy some lively banter? Fierce Sickos may be the hood you’ve been looking for! ⚡️

    ⭐ We are a VERY competitive champs-league hood that takes derby seriously but are otherwise laid back. We strive for gold every week, making teamwork essential to our success. Our players are helpful, mostly chatty, & we love to have fun! 🤩 Derby is strictly 10/19 x 320/400, diamond task every week. ⭐

    💫 We are daily players, active in town & valley, and looking for the same. If we’re not chatting in HayDay we could be in Discord having a good time! Our server has NH rules & derby strategies posted that everyone agrees to on joining. This helps us all move forward as a team and know what is expected. 💫

    💥 Silent or very quiet players are not a good fit for us.... We’d like new members with some personality who can add to our fun team atmosphere. International players are welcome! 💥

    🌟 Requirements: 🌟
    •Level 90+
    •Adults 21+
    •Fluent in English
    •Discord use required
    •Self-sufficient in derby
    •Team oriented and helpful
    •Max points, max tasks, *extra task mandatory*
    •Experience in competitive CSL derby preferred
    •Must be able to handle sarcasm and outbursts of adult humor... thin-skinned need not apply! ⚠️

    ⚡️ No hood hoppers please, we are looking for players who want to settle in. Elder is granted after proving yourself as a reliable derby player. We are not in a hurry to fill the hood, we value quality over quantity. If you're interested in joining, either leave a message here, or directly contact my coleader Ryan in forums private message ( hdryan ) or on Discord ( @Ryan | rbc#3258 ). Please be ready to have a chat to make sure it’s a good fit! NH is set to invite only. ⚡️

    ✨ Fillory & Further ✨
    😈 Fierce Sickos 😈
    Tag #PJRRY2VG
    Purple fox on dark blue circle emblem
    You can easily find us by searching our name!
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    We've got room for some new additions - if you think our NH may be a good fit, send me a message!
    We love to win!

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    Join us for a wild Mystery Bunny Derby!

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    Bumping for today - message me for more info!

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    We're coming off another Gold - join us for this week's derby!

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    Gold again - join us for a chill and competitive experience!

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    Bump for today!!!!

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    We locked in another Gold within the first 24 hours of the derby, we've got spots!

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