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Thread: Update suggestion: surrender option in BB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Himewad View Post
    so, to summarize: you acknowledge it can sometimes be fun to annoy other players, but think it’s disgusting when others do it

    No, I do get that for other people, annoying others can be fun. I only annoy rude clanmates in wars, but you have to earn that "special treatment" from me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Affront View Post
    Stop being such a non-bh9 and upgrade already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Himewad View Post
    Just drop to a lower trophy level than you should be. Then you can boost, get your 3 wins easily, and get three losses easily (end the attack immediately), and you always stay where you are.
    Sure would be easier and faster to drop cups if OP could just surrender. Perhaps the reason that it is not implemented is to discourage cup dropping. Waiting for every battle and then for a complete army rebuild every time seems intentional.

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    I'd love it if the game let me know if I've beaten the opponents stars and %. Obviously you shouldn't know until you've definitely won but I would quit the game right away. It is better for everybody involved. Perhaps the only time I might not do that is if I think I have a good shot at a 3 star which is fun to try to get. The functionality presented by the OP would be nice too as long as the surrender was just on your end and the attacker could keep going if they wished to.

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    Read previous will find your answer

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