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    Quote Originally Posted by darpan2704coc View Post
    But the post suggests that their level will depend on player's Lab Level, not the Siege's level.
    The level of the preloaded troops seems to be determined by the players troop levels. Maybe the amount of preloaded troops increases with the siege machines level? Like one more wizard per level or so.

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    Three more sneak peek left

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    Quote Originally Posted by CallMeRoger View Post
    I'll try to make you understand :

    Siege Barracks : New Siege Machine. Every time it get hit, 1 Wizard came out of it. P.E.K.K.A only spawn once!
    Ty! I have now watching galadon video and see all info.

    What can say? It's great SM for those who not have clan or not receive cc troops!

    Pekka and Wiz are strong CC anyway!

    + if you have cc troops after all wizards and pekka go yout cc troops! Amazing!

    That's be now my favorite siege!

    Before I use SS with air
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bbeehhaappyy View Post
    read again don't help me. I'm not understand perfect english and traslater not always translate correct..
    Only for you:
    Zuerst kommt ein Pekka und Magier raus. Die Magier kommen in einem Abstand von ein paar Sekunden nacheinander raus. Gleichzeitig zählen Die Leben♥♥♥♥♥te der Belagerungsmaschine runter. Die Leben♥♥♥♥♥te werden auch reduziert durch die Verteidigung die darauf schiesst. Wenn die Leben♥♥♥♥♥te auf 0 sind oder die Belagerungsmaschine von Hand zerstört wird kommen die Clanburg Truppen raus die du dir vorher erfragt hast.
    Ich hoffe nun ist es klar

    Leben♥♥♥♥♥te = Lebens p u n k t e or in English health points.
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    The trade-off seems off. Sure I can bring more WB but wallbreaker AI is dreadful. WW brings so much more value with a predictable path and tankiness.

    Will have to see when the update drops. Might be a super niche siege machine like the blimp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thegreatpuma View Post
    i guess this is an attempt to get people using wall breakers again?
    I predict an increase of quad quakes too.

    Contact SC here. Click here for how trophies are calculated. How is war map placement of max halls determined?, see answer here. Thank you SC for the new legends! However, how to fight collusion here.

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    Muuuuch cooler than the giga inferno (sorry not a fan of it.. mechanically it's almost the same thing... Nothing really... Cool... Or new.)

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    Looks ok but not great. Will probably be the most useful for pekka smash and that 8 quake spam army.

    I'm not that happy with th13 yet but let's see what comes next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbcbcbcb View Post
    The level of the preloaded troops seems to be determined by the players troop levels. Maybe the amount of preloaded troops increases with the siege machines level? Like one more wizard per level or so.
    I assume that levelling up the siege machine increases its hit points and therefore means it lasts longer on the field and can deploy more wizards

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    Not too excited about it. I imagine every wizard deployed after the 3rd will probably go around the base and get picked by a cannon on the first layer of walls because the rest of the troops get buildings inside destroyed.

    Not sure why we can't choose our own troops that go out from the siege barracks.

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