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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumitkumarilun4545ilun View Post
    Means I will not use this. For me ww is best ��
    Always good to see someone keeping an open mind towards new strategic possibilities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    Always good to see someone keeping an open mind towards new strategic possibilities.
    Thanks for ur opinion buddy

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    i guess SC are going to push the EQ spell for usage again in the TH12/13 market.

    i think people are going to stop using exposed TH layouts (or near exposed) and go back to centralised ones. with the new wall level and the new siege not helping get through them, this is the smartest option.

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    I think this is great and a nice extension of the existing siege machines and CC. Gives you a little extra punch when you need it. And seriously, what comes out and in what order is great too. First, a pekka, which is essentially a large tank. It will draw the fire of a lot of defenses so that when the wizards come out after they can do some serious damage before being targeted.

    On the flip side, for me, I'm not sure if I will use it much. I've grown so accustomed to the wrecker breaking a couple layers of walls I would miss that ability. But this reliance is on me, not SC.

    I think I would definitely plan to use the new machine in a war situation where I can better plan for this type of use.

    I give SC an A+ on this one. Job well done.
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    Not gonna lie, a flying mobile barracks that produces troops as it's alive is really cool. Then explodes to reveal your troops in a fireball of awesomeness is just shall I say awesome. Reminds me of the Goblin Hut from Clash Royale.
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    Hoping that the respawn of wizards are a bit faster. I know its subject for changes.. But i think its slower than it should be..

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    Great Galadon also said it, it's just of not much of use, unless you spam atk. Lol, it's like a trade off of extra troops vs siege.

    I will select an actual siege anyday, unless I'm farming and have no idea what I'm doing.

    I thought the best sneak peeks are yet to come. Disappointed Again

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    This is clearly fake news. No door creaks if it has well-oiled hinges.

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    New siege looks awesome!

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    new Siege will Definitely help th10 a lot

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