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    Maintenance break backfires

    Where a maintenance break takes place and the game resumes, town visitors that are waiting to be picked up are no longer listed. A player has to then go to the neighbor's farm and use their rail car to go see what that neighbor has waiting at the train station for pick up if any.
    The visitors will reappear only after the player puts more out after the break.

    This bug does not occur after every maintenance break. I suppose it depends on what takes place during that break.

    Also another backfire that occurs from the break that I recently noted is the boat leader board players disappear off the board listing. Each one will reappear on the board after the player comes to the game again. I do not know, maybe they also have to complete another boat too to make their name reappear on the board.

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    This is a known issue.. After each maintenance break the town visitors waiting to be picked up are not listed until the players whose visitors they are go online. :/


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