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Thread: Getting builder base involved in war or cwl?

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    Getting builder base involved in war or cwl?

    I donít know if it was discussed, I didnít research these pages, but...

    Could SC look at involving the builder base in wars or maybe cwl? Itís a base. It has troops. The other person doesnít have to be online to do simultaneous hits like the standard bb attack. Players with weaker thís but who have higher bbís might make the outcome of cwl or war a little differenter.

    Just a thought. Ok. Gotta wipe. Getting off my soapbox.

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    They have already mentioned that currently no plans are there for wars in BB. I am pretty sure that they won't involve BH bases in normal wars also as I think that's what you are suggesting.
    They have always said that players should not have a significant advantage in main village by means of BB. Changes in outcome of normal wars/CWL should come under that.

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    Darian gave a good explanation a few weeks ago as to why they don't want to do wars or CWL for the Builder Base:

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    Builders base is player vs player so that would mean that both clans would need to be active at the same time. Donít understand how you would make this work? Plus the fact that builders base is no where near as popular than the regular main base.

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