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Thread: 100% Max TH12 w/ 3000 war stars

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    100% Max TH12 w/ 3000 war stars

    Hi all. Iím Cato. I have my own lvl 19 clan but itís time for me to retire from leading and join a clan.

    I have specific needs. Please read.
    I want an only MAX th12 (now th13) clan that GEMS, WARS, and are mature adults.

    Must have between 40-50 active th12s

    Must include me in all wars

    MUST have ccs filled basically instantly

    Iím looking to join a top 1% clan!! Canít wait. Iíve lead a clan for over 4 years since I left onehive way back when

    I have over 3000 war stars and would also like a place in cwl if available
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    Good luck Cato in finding a clan. Always see you replying to posts that I reply too lol. Suck to see you are retiring, maybe my time will come too sooner or later.
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    40 to 50 active th12s

    Good luck, and sad to see you retire from leading a clan!

    Maybe try to join Washington WL's or Supreme Cleave though
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    War Clan Seeking Members, Apply Within! I have 60 or so 12s between my 2 clans, but we're not 100% th12. If you're not able to find an all 12s clan, please consider us. Good luck on your search!

    Hi! I'm the leader of Bregan D'aerth (Clan Tag #YC2CUPUV) and our feeder, BrotherhoodPL (#Y228CRC0).

    About Bregan D'aerth:

    19th level war clan
    CWL League: Champions League III
    381 war wins
    49 members
    We war non-stop
    Currently ranked 8,886th in the world and 508th in the United States

    About our Feeder, BrotherhoodPL (i.e. our AAA baseball team):

    18th level war clan
    CWL League: Master League II
    459 war wins
    46 members
    We war non-stop
    Currently ranked 38,288th in the world and 2,909th in the U.S.

    Which clan should you join?

    Requirements to join Bregan:
    If you're TH12 - must have 120 combined hero levels
    If you're TH11 - must have 80 combined hero levels
    If you're TH10 - must have 60 combined hero levels

    If you do not qualify for Bregan, join BrotherhoodPL.
    Brotherhood's requirements are TH9 or higher who does not meet above requirements and has a minimum of 20 total combined hero levels.

    A Note about CWL Participation:
    Bregan is in the Champs league, so we can only run 15vs15 in CWL. We have close to 35 th12s between the 2 clans, so anyone who is not a th12 will not play CWL in the main clan. In the feeder, we run a 30vs30 with a few 12s, and some of our 11s. No th10s or th9s will be eligible for CWL, even in the feeder. Additionally, no one will ever fight in Bregan in their first CWL with my clans. Even if you are a max TH12, you will fight in Brotherhood your first CWL with us. I base the CWL lineup in Bregan on performance in CWL 12vs12.

    **If Bregan is full, please go to BrotherhoodPL until a spot opens up.
    **If you're not a hardcore war player, please go to the feeder.
    **If you WANT to be a hardcore war player but aren't ready yet, please go to the feeder for practice.
    **Once a spot opens up we'll promote the best guy in the feeder back to the main clan.

    We are a group of international clashers hailing from the US, UK, India, Australia, Canada, Slovakia, Japan, Morocco, Switzerland, Italy, China & Finland i.e. all over the world. Because our clans are so diverse you can expect donations 24/7 with people being up at different times of the day. We always complete the highest tier in clan games, often doubling the required score for the top tier in both clans.

    Everyone in the clan is very respectful. No one will berate you for a war attack not turning out the way you planned. This has happened to everybody. The important thing is that you try to learn from your mistakes and improve as a player.


    1) We war non-stop. You can opt out anytime, but if you're in you must participate.
    2) Donate the troops that someone requests.
    3) Be respectful towards your fellow clan members.
    4) Opt out of war when your heroes are down or your spell factory is upgrading.
    5) Never attack in war without a full clan castle and spells.
    6) Always read clan mail
    7) You must participate in wars at least some of the time! We are war clans.
    8) This rule is a fun one. Anytime you request troops you MUST post a friendly challenge. This provides everyone with more opportunities for practice.
    9) Please do not do loot attacks in war. If there are based that have not been 3 starred, we expect you to try your best and hit them, even if your chances of success are low.
    10) You cannot participate in clan wars until you lose the "new" tag by your name.
    11) Lastly, do not beg for troops or promotions! We fill requests quickly and promotions are earned. I'm not making anyone co-leader because they donated a lot of troops last week. If you expect that then this probably is not the right clan for you.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I'm an open book! Message me here or on kik @ DixieNormas8

    When you request to join please say, "Ultrin sent me" in your reply so we know you aren't a war spy.

    Feel free to join our Facebook Group, Bregan D'aerth of CoC!!

    Join our Discord Channel Bregan Brotherhood
    NOTE: Discord is NOT a requirement. I do not force members to use it, if you do not want to download any other apps to supplement standard game play, that's perfectly fine by me.

    Join our Clash Royale clan, Bleak Soliloquy! #PC929YUL

    Hope to see you soon!!

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    Hi Iím am Dragon slayer feel free to drop by aussie family anytime!

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    Hey man, my clan is War Brawlers l - #J8PGUV92. We are a chill yet competitive English speaking war clan. We hella active, always max clan games and wreck in war. Be able to take a joke if you want to be a part of our group haha. Look forward to seeing you here We have not started cwl and don't expect you to be on 24/7! We may not have all th12s, but we have solid attackers at each town hall level and can get the job done through efficient practice and planning.
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    Good luck on your search Cato! As a long time leader also, I find myself contemplating retirement from time to time and just focus on being the recruiter for my clan (and beating MuOi, Peija, DaHolla, et al from time to time )
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    Good luck with your retirement, been there myself and know it's not an easy decision, but no doubt most leaders face at some point in the game.

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    We have all questioned it as leaders before I am sure. Good luck Cato. We would love to have you but we still have a few th11's.
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