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Thread: Level 36 looking for new home.

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    Level 36 looking for new home.

    Hi all,

    I'm active almost every single day and throughout the day. I'm in an awesome hood right now but they're completely non-communicative and have no interest in derby's. They're great at donating and it's really important to me that I find a good where people are happy to share resources to help others invest in and expand their farm. I'll always always help others where I have materials going spare. I really want to go somewhere that's chatty, adults only and active.

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    Jan 2016

    Daily update
    If you haven’t found a NH yet, please check us out. We would love to teach you about the derby & moving up in Hay Day! Please check us out.

    Neighborhood name:

    New neighborhood, who aims for top Derby levels each week with helpful spirit
    Level 35+
    Red Heart ❤️ with green Cat ��
    Neighbourhood tag: #PCUYVV9V

    Our hood leader:
    Tina’s Farm (leader) level 148

    open-Parry’s Farm, elody’s Farm, & SergeantAvacado (elders)

    About our neighborhood-
    Welcome to the West Coast Derby! I started our neighborhood to have fun and meet new people and socialize and play derbys and win. My former neighborhood had people from all over the world, but I was rarely on when others were on, so I was looking for players in the Pacific time zone so we could socialize more. if your interested in a great neighbourhood come join our neighborhood

    This hood is all about new beginnings and great experiences! We are looking for Active, Helping, Chatty, Derby-playing neighborhood!

    Gameplay: Communication and teamwork are a MUST, No drama! OK to take breaks from derby if you opt out for short periods.

    Can’t wait to meet you! We are open to your farm merging with us—we have lots of space available! 23 spots open


    Our neighborhood has 4 simple rules we kindly ask all members to follow-

    1. Do not take any tasks under 290 points.
    2. Complete all tasks each week or as many as possible please!! If you’re too busy and can’t commit, please opt out of the derby so you don’t affect the team
    3. Help each other as much as you can - play with heart
    4. Have fun!

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