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Thread: Derby “Prizes”

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    Derby “Prizes”

    Is anybody else getting fed up with the sheer lack of decent prizes in the derby? Or am I just Unlucky Alf? My sister and I (only us in our NH) always take part, usually enjoy it and never take it too seriously but this week, for some reason, we found ourselves in first place from early on. We managed to keep that place and won our first derby for ages. I had the usual 1st place prizes (boards etc. - never very inspiring but useful nevertheless) and looked forward to something decent in the horseshoes. O.M.G. Nails. Stakes. Tapes. A lollipop. Nails. A jam. Stakes. More nails. After 10 diamonds, I did manage a couple of puzzle pieces and one scroll. No decos of any kind. No gnomes. Nothing. Just the same old stuff that I could get from harvesting.

    Derbies are getting boring zzzzzzzzzzz

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    Unfortunately, the same situation occurred to me. I'm even the founder and the leader of my team and I dont't receive decent prizes...the other participants, who have lower level than mine and who make less points, received gnomes or decoration...I'm so sad.
    Can someone explain to me how to unlock this situation?

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