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Thread: Please add a 20 v 20 CWL option

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    Please add a 20 v 20 CWL option

    Our clan, as is the case with a lot of clans I'm sure, has 20-25 solid attackers that are active. We do not, however, have 30. We have been stuck doing 15 v 15, but have had to leave out deserving players because there is not a war option large enough to include all the deserving, or small enough to exclude the inactive.

    Just a request. I'll see what others may think of this.

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    20v20 would be great for us. Same boat. We do a 30 and risk missing hits. Will still do 30 so more ppl get more medals though.

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    There would prob be too little people for 15v15, and the searches and stuff might end up messy.

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    While youíre at it, can Supercell add 50 v 50 too so my clan donít have to split into 2 clans when doing CWL? 😜

    On a serious note, I think your is idea cool but can easily be solve. You can either continue doing 15v15 and rotate players or recruit, Iíd suggest the latter.
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    with the state of recruitment 10v10 be a good one too

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    If they add 20v20, how about adding the 15v15/20v20/30v30 size to the "SEARCHING" box, while you are at it? What's the point of leaving out the CWL format in a major TH13 update?
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    When 15v was all we had at the beginning we had 25 or so wanting to cwl. I ended up just making an alphabetical roster and running everyone through war. Many wars were lopsided, but at least everyone got to participate.

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    They started cwl by using a 15v15 war size last October (23rd)..
    They have the data, and concluded that was the most popular size..
    In April 2019, the 30v option was included, so bigger clans can run bigger wars..

    Down side, is that with 2 war size choices, the matching pool gets less..
    I think a 3rd option would make things many times more difficult, and 20v would likely only be suitable for a smaller percentage of clans than what they offer now..

    The idea is to make it as accessible as possible, to as many clans as possible..
    A group with 20-25 active players can easily do the 15v, or use some fillers, and go for 30..
    I think, if they were going to change it, they would be better to have an option for 10 players, so that clans whom are struggling for members can still enrol in cwl..

    I do, however, believe the two options currently available are sufficient.

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