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    I’d sure would dislike the job of art for skins, and community manager. What a burden having to deal with such entitled people. Really appreciate all your work sc. People beg for sneak peeks, then get a very small but big sneak peak, and scream murder. Patience young ones, we haven’t seen the whole ice berg, just the top
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    Cool sneak peek. I really hope the inferno is blue flame out of a blue TH looks pretty stupid imo, and it's a quick a monkey with barely any editing experience could probably do it. Heck, make all the infernos blue at th13 for all I care.

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    Sneak peeks (my best guess)...

    You know everything you've already upgraded? Well upgrade them all again.

    A new troop...that is a dragon.

    A new siege...that tunnels.

    A 6th wiz tower.

    A new hero...that is also the 7th builder.

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    I think the reason why a lot of people are dissapointed is, that with eacht th lvl befor from 9 on, there was a totally new defense that completly changed the base layouts and attack strategies. Be it th9 with the xbows, th10 with the inferno towers or th11 with th eagle artillery, each was a defense that "changed the game". The same happend with the th12 giga tesla, you can see the difference in base layouts not only due to the additonal inferno tower. You can say that the giga inferno, which would look much cooler imo if it was bigger, is a "new" signature weapon, but it does nothing that the giga tesla didn't do, just some more damage. (And yes that slowing effect i know). But I LOVE the new desings of pretty much everything, I really didn't like the th11 buildings and the th12 walls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaultGuy6 View Post
    A new hero...that is also the 7th builder.
    Seventh builder? Very unlikely if not impossible.

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    We are 50+ friends in college who are die hard fans of coc and we discuss about it everyday after training/gym etc
    And trust me, no one from them like new TH design and giga inferno
    I know more thing are coming.... But th13 looks similer to th12
    Every TH should be unique

    So please change TH's color and giga infernos design... Like giga tesla is different from hidden tesla

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelk View Post
    Wait so you want to instantly be a maxed TH13 - time for your credit card then. If not even as a F2P you can still be maxed GigaInferno in 4-6 weeks tops. IF you'd saved enough medals and saved you Clan Games/Events books you can instantly have quite a few troop/spell upgrades done too (if there are any of course)
    I appreciate your concern but I confirm that you don't need to worry about the medals I saved, as, at your best, you can only has the same amount I have. Instead I would more recommend that you take a few seconds to understand what people write before jumping on your keyboard to teach them, as obviously you miss the point of the first message you quoted. But I agree with you on the "two hammers in seven days time a natural upgrade to III followed by two more in 5 weeks time at the end of Jan CWL will be enough.". That's the kind of plan I drafted a bit earlier. Still waiting for the rest of the content to be revealed to planify the rest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2222 View Post
    I find an interesting contrast there in that you say you have no faith in them, yet they have created a mobile game that has kept you playing for 7 years. I know for me personally there is no other game I've ever played even close to this long.
    Indeed 2222.

    Clash is still the first thing I check in the morning while getting ready for work, and the last thing I check before turning off the light and going to bed, but that doesn't mean I have any faith in them. Its more just a habit now more than anything else.

    But seriously though, giga inferno? Who didn’t see this coming a kilometre away?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wotanwaton View Post
    Seventh builder? Very unlikely if not impossible.
    I'd just be happy if the Master Builder (that lazy son of a gun) can pull his own weight for a change. O.T.T.O. is already eyeing his sleeping quarters... I predict the next magic potions will be Ibuprofen and Metamucil while we put that bag-o-bones back to work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BGClash View Post
    I think Supercell should hire people,specialized in creativity functions. Those people should have the job to make unique new things for the game. Yeah with Town Hall 13, we will get a lot of things to upgrade,but the uniqueness of them are missing.
    Those are called Game Designers. Every game development team at every studio in the entire game industry has them.

    Let me give you a little insight into game design: Anyone can come up with creative ideas. Coming up with ideas is the easiest part of game design. I'm not even a designer and I could come up with probably several thousand new ideas before I finish typing this post.

    A good game designer doesn't mean you come up with good, creative ideas. Like I said, anyone can do that. In game development, we often hear and meet people who love to pitch, "I have this great idea for a game. It'll sell a bajillion dollars," even though they've never developed or designed a game in their life. Ideas people are everywhere. Ideas people make the worst game designers, and there's a very specific reason why.

    A truly good game designer is someone who will not only come up with an idea, but will be able to do so by understanding how the game's engine works, how the server architecture works, and how every single piece fits together. You don't need to be fluent in programming but you do need to be very, very logic oriented in understanding how all the parts work. But not only that, you also need to understand how a simple piece can cause a cascade of positive or negative in a game.

    A good example is simply take a look at how often many people post a "suggestion" for some kind of resource exchange system. Each time it gets posted, each poster tends to think their idea is new and unique. But more commonly, each poster who suggests this also has no understanding of how this would impact Clash. It's easy to say, "yes this would destroy the economy," but a game designer would also understand how it would affect not just the economy but would also have negative impacts on player behavior, player patterns, and even social interactions.

    Point being, coming up with ideas that are unique is not the most important part of game design. Sure, unique ideas are the ones with the most "sparkle" to them. But Clash hasn't been around for 7 1/2 years by constantly waving sparkly things in front of its players. Clash players are more strategic, contemplative, and thoughtful. We don't want to wave around pretty new toys simply to sell Gems, nor is that how we develop the game. We develop the game with thoughts of how this will affect the game's longevity, how players will use the features, and also how scalable it is down the road.
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