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Thread: Idea for Clan war

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    Idea for Clan War Organization

    Hello im leader of a portuguese clan and we do 50 member wars! I find dificult to organize who to attack who! I thing that the litle envelops and the red flags in the enemy team map are unecessary! I use them but only a few people read them and use them! I recomend to take them off and put something that a leader or co-leader can write and anyone that goes to the enemy map can read it without needing to click in the envelop! Sorry for my english im gonna try to give an example! For example I want that my number 10 attacks the enemy number 15 and 14, im recomending that I can write my number 10 username in number 15 and 14 so that anyone can read without needing to check every envelope! I think this will help a LOT the leaders and the co-leaders to organize the attacks in wars! I apreciate ur attention! Thanks
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    If your clanmates don't take the time to see if a target is already marked or read the envelop, then adding something else on the war map won't really change much.

    Lay down some rules before war starts.

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