Hello, I have a concern and Iím hoping you can help. I am the leader of my hood Daisy Duke Acres and a couple of my neighbours have had problems with derby glitches....to help explain, when they choose a task such as a buttered popcorn task and they begin working on it....then within the hour the task completely disappears like they didnít choose it....and when they check to see how many tasks they have left...they are down a task like it had expired when in actuality it hadnít. This is unfortunate as they lose a task and arenít able to complete the true points they normally would. This of course affects our neighbourhood derby points and as a result making us fall behind the race....it affects the end result. Is there any way someone could make an adjustment and add a task so we could compete fairly? We are currently down one task in this Derby. I appreciate your help with this unfortunate glitch issue. Looking forward to hearing from you soon as the derby is nearly over.
Thank you,

Has anyone else experienced these issues and if so what was done about it?