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Thread: Problem with game please help us

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rizzob View Post
    Last month, my clan's leader set up CWL and made the same mistake. Usually I set it up, but was a bit busy during last sign-up. We had to live with it for that CWL - sorry, but your clan will have to suffer through it this month as well.
    Yep, I've been out of town for a while and have been less active. Sat out a few wars and a Co-Leader had started some while I've been away. When CWL came up I posted when about I'd be able to start a spin and said if any Co's want to start it earlier they can but to include the entire clan in the search. When I checked later the spin was done (by the Co doing the war searches) and the entire clan was included as should be. A little communication goes a long way for the clan.

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    put everyone in the pool and then pick the team.

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