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    Today's gift was 3 golden cards. Really nice gift judging by the fact that those cards are a bit "rare" to have.
    I will be updating my post until the final 24th box with my gifts.
    1st box-Saturday 1st December-5 diamonds
    2nd box-Monday 2nd December-3 gold cards
    3rd box-Tuesday 3rd December-Get Rose for free booster
    4th box-Wednesday 4th December-Snow slope decoration
    5th box-Thursday 5th December-3 screws
    6th box-Friday 6th December-2 sanctuary puzzle pieces
    7th box-Saturday 7th December-Fill boat crates booster
    8th box-Sunday 8th December-3 duct tapes
    9th box-Monday 9th December-5 diamonds
    10th box-Tuesday 10th December-Faster fishing spots
    11th box-Wednesday 11th December-3 wood panels
    12th box-Thursday 12th December-50% more XP booster
    13th box-Friday 13th December-3 planks
    14th box-Saturday 14th December-Hire Ernest for free booster
    15th box-Sunday 15th December-3 bolts
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