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Thread: Need a home for my 13 accounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEKROM4NZ3R View Post
    Honestly, why did you made so many accounts when you didnt even have atleast 1 th10 or higher account?
    I'm thinking the same thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosinider View Post
    Alright guys. Meet my accounts.

    aessej Maxed th6, new th7
    bessej Maxed th6, new th7
    cessej Th6
    dessej Th6
    frankie Th5
    george Th5
    harry Th5
    isabel Th4
    james Th4
    kaveesha Th4
    liam Th4
    slippedgoose Th5
    dk94 Th6
    Th7 2
    Th6 3
    Th5 4
    Th4 4

    I am active, I am trying to keep all of my builders busy on all my accounts.
    Looking for a clan that can take all of these? Clan must be active and donate.
    i need you join my clan please #28G9RPRLR

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