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Thread: Nerf Super Pekka

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    Angry Nerf Super Pekka

    Super pekka too strong. Plz nerf it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lopkiloinm View Post
    Super pekka too strong. Plz nerf it.
    Your thread will get moved to the builderhall forum where you can read more about how it isn’t too strong.

    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. Click here for answer on how cc troops deploy (hint, it depends) and more info here. How is war map placement of max halls determined you ask, check out threads like this one. Thank you SC for the new legends! I'd start it at 5500 and let farmers play 5000-5500, but overall it is a great improvement.

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    It’s not even that strong

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    Get the lava launcher, it melts the super pekka
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    Are your defense, traps and walls the level equivalent for the Super Pekka? Try redesigning your base if so.

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    Super pekka was already nerfed an year ago.
    However you can still design your base layout to exploit their pathing. Make sure your push traps, crushers, guard post and mega tesla are fully upgraded first. The traps and guard troops will be able to stall their attack while the MT and crushers can deal significant damage to groups of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lopkiloinm View Post
    Super pekka too strong. Plz nerf it.
    Upgrade to a fully deployed BH9 then upgrade your key defenses. The Super PEKKA is not too strong - nothing on the BB is OP anymore.
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