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Thread: Possible visual bug (level 11 corner walls)

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    Possible visual bug (level 11 corner walls)

    When any level 11 wall is placed at a corner of two other rows of walls, joining them (for example, forming an inclined L shape), the skull releasing lava generated on top of it visually feels wrong when viewed from ahead. If generated in front, it looks how it is supposed to look. (an example via an image). Do fix this. thank you.

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    Level 11 and 12 wall corners don't light up

    You know how high lvl walls glow from the top of the base and make it's way down to the bottom? Yeah the corners don't light up. This might be an issue for level 13 walls too but idk cuz I'm only th11.

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    Level 11 wall visuals

    The level 11 wall has a skull with lava pouring out of it on corner walls, a lot of those corner walls make the lava and the skull phase through another wall and it looks very odd. I feel like this could be an easy fix by just changing the direction the skull is facing depending on where the wall is.

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