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Thread: Snowy trees and shrubs? Seasonal filters?

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    Snowy trees and shrubs? Seasonal filters?

    As I am living in a part of the world where Winter mostly involve snow, I’d love to be able to do more to get the farm more wintry with possibility to buy trees and shrubs with snow on them - or maybe have different filters to buy to apply on the farm during different seasons - orange, red and yellow leaves on the trees during Fall (and leaves on the ground and such) and snow on trees and the ground during Winter...
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    I agree. I’d also like versions of
    1. the ditches, and
    2. the dirt paths
    with snow and ice along their edges so that when they are laid down they form paths/streams with snow/ice on their edges/banks.
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    I would like winter trees, bushes, and plants too

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