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    As I described in my original post, I use Quick Train, but only the "previous army" option. I can't use preset armies because instead of getting you to a desired army state, they just queue up stuff, ie they don't take into account leftovers from previous attacks. That doesn't work, unless you always fully use up your army or at least always use the same subset of your army, which in farming rarely happens. And when it does happen, "previous army" works just as well.
    Being able to order the queued troops might help others, but does nothing for me. What would help me is if, instead of "add that the queue", Quick Train was a "make my army just so" function.

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    I mostly use the quick train options just to remember the army compositions of my (previously) successful attacks.

    I agree it could be better if a merge option exists.
    Removing the already trained troops or spells is imho not that useful. When the remaining spells or troops are not part of your quick train army, I understand it cannot be merged. But if the spell/troops is in the desired quick train army, the game should simply put the rest in the queue.

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