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Thread: Blue Men Social War Clan Looking For New Members

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    Blue Men Social War Clan Looking For New Members

    Welcome to the BlueMen. We are an actively donating clan, and we do competitive clan wars.

    Ages in here range from 15 to 50, most living in the US, and all you need to do is be mature and friendly to others, along with attacking in war. The troops you will get are high levelled, and will be donated to you minutes after you have requested. We have quite a few experienced players that can help you out with multiplayer attacks and war attacks.

    We wish you do not rush your base. Th8 is the minimum town hall in this clan, but if you are a friend AND active you will be accepted. If you are wishing to recover from a rush, or wish to participate in wars and are a lower town hall, move over to our feeder Blue Boys. Being in Blue Boys is not for a permanent stay, but once Blue Men is full with th9+, Blue Boys will start to be a permanent stay.

    You must speak English to be in this clan, act mature and friendly. We require you to donate as much as possible, if we see you are donating too little, you will be warned. You must use both attacks in war and there is a usual requirement of 500 points in clan games. This is an easy number to get to, so if you don't reach it you will be kicked.

    Join the discord and follow the steps told to you, and we hope to see you in our clan soon!
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