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Thread: Play for fun or play all in the derby

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    Play for fun or play all in the derby

    We have some players that pop in and out and dont play in the derby...and we have players that consistently participate in the derby.

    Derby players complete all tasks at maximum point levels and almost all derby players complete a tenth task. You must be an elder to participate in most derbies and elder status is based on how much you help the group.

    If you are interested in our group I can adjust the required farm level to let you in.

    The language we use is English and we do ask that you use the chat feature occasionally to let us know you are still playing. If your farm looks abandoned you will be removed.

    We are also a very giving group. We will help you build your farm. However...we also want you to help others. We are NOT looking for members who just take, take, take. You will be removed if you just take and do not give.

    This is a farming game... first and foremost you need to grow your crops.
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