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Thread: Stop using my email

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    Stop using my email


    I'm pretty sure this isn't the correct place for this post, but there's no forum for general support/help, so here is the only place to put it.

    I don't play any of these games, but someone is using my email for their account. I'm trying to figure out how to make that stop. I've read a lot of "use in game support", but obviously that's not an option.

    Is there support outside the game? How do I contact someone that can help with this.


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    Hello, and welcome to the forums,
    Interesting subject...
    You can contact supercell by email: Support at
    Good luck

    PS: on a similar subject, one of my shortest email address (and oldest obviously) also started being used for some more important function (bank transactions, payments,...). By the name listed, I could see the typo made, and emailed a few times the owner of the correct email. You’d think they did anything: nope, I continue to get random receipts of bank transactions \_(ツ)_/.
    Hence my next advice: just ‘spam’ (filter) the emails on your end, as in the case of the games here there’s no attribute set to the email, it is only used for account connecting, not for any other transaction (these are done via the app stores).

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