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Thread: Looking for a New Neighborhood

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    Looking for a New Neighborhood

    Hi. I'm a level 38 player who is looking for a new neighborhood. I want to be part of a helpful neighborhood that is active, chatty, and, most importantly, TRADES. If your neighborhood meets these three criteria, please post your neighborhood name and tag below. Thanks!

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    We have some very very very active players and we have a couple that just pop in and out. We do trade amongst ourselves a lot. We do require you to be an elder to participate in most derbies. Criteria to become an elder is based on how active you are. If you are interested in our group I will lower the required level to let you in.

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    Your welcome to join us, the mutineers
    tag #9R29CJCQ

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    Your more than welcome to come check us out Big Hawke’s Nest is a relaxed neighbourhood that helps each other

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