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Thread: Coming back after a break.

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    Coming back after a break.

    Greetings everyone. I am looking for a neighborhood to join after I took a long break from Hay day. I am active and helpful, can do 9 task of 320. I'm not willing to spend money on buying diamonds to complete a 10th task sorry.
    I am currently a level 89 farm. I am helpful, and I have been in 3 championship league teams.
    Looking for a friendly, competitive team, no drama.

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    Hi Katq, I'm not sure where you are located, but I did just post in the Neighbourhood recruitment section under:
    Westcoast Wanderers - Based in Vancouver BC #pqc9l8uq

    Maybe you might like our group?

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    Join our champions league hood,
    Looney Toons #9Q9GU8R2.
    We do 315+ regular derby, 350+ special derby's and 400 mystery derby. Must complete all 9 tasks, 10th is optional, unless you let a task expire.

    English speaking & Adults only please. Active Derby & farm players only please. We are a quiet but helpful mid-sized hood. Must be level 65 or more.

    If you are asking for items from others, we expect you to also be helping others as well. Be polite & courteous.

    Looney Toons #9Q9GU8R2

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    Hi, if you are still looking for a group join us West Coast Ranchers with axe/saw, we would love for you to check us out

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    This is a brand new neighbourhood I have set up and would love to get it going

    I want it to be friendly, fun, derby focused, with active and chatty players who all help each other? Fancy it? Letís get a great community neighbourhood going!

    Join us #YL9RP2PR

    No minimum level required, just active members only please



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