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Thread: How do you handle a player that..........

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    How do you handle a player that..........

    How do you handle a player that you feel is pretending to be another player to have two places in the hood.
    Basically, they are two separate players with different farms but you know that they are the same person.
    We see it as a do you see it?

    They are also what we call very needy and both are very high rank. 170's and 180's
    Constantly asking the hood to fill requests of lobsters or other higher value products.

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    What are the levels of the other hood members? Are these 2 farms higher/lower or somewhere in-between your other members?

    At the levels of the farms in question, they should not be ‘needy’ (IMO) for those items. One generally does not get to that level without learning how to manage their resources.

    Is it possible these are 2 farms in the same household, but being played by different people?

    We have several players in our NH that have more than 1 farm. That is allowed. If your NH has it’s own rule against multiple farms then they would have broken your unofficial rule. Have you come right out and asked if they are one and the same? Someone should ask this.

    Before you boot them, you need to decide if they bring a positive influence to the NH. And at least clear the air.
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    We had several members ready to leave for the constant requesting and we agreed that at the level of 180 and 170 they should not have needed that much help. We are open to Level 60 and up. We told the player to chose one ID and withdraw the other but they chose to not respond. Leader booted them. They were not a positive influence. They also snuck around in shops buying up everything and watering all the trees left for help tasks. Basically not a good fit.

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    *Stop helping them. If the help stops coming the request will stop.
    * Call them out on their constant request. It is begging. Most neighborhoods have a rule against begging.
    Now... as for them being the same person. You could ask, they will most likely say they aren't and you will never be able to prove it.
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    At that level...they are most likely using you to get stuff for their “trades.” Lobster items are always a big thing with the traders. Do they fill crates? Offer anything to others? Chat other than to request? Would you notice if they weren’t there? Don’t let the high level people trick you into thinking they’re beneficial. We had two players who were secretly the same and it would have been awesome...if they had been awesome. But they both stunk equally!

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    Quote Originally Posted by milomilomilo View Post
    The big boot of love resolves a world of problems.

    Oh, yeah. ♥️🥾
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    Don’t forget to remove them from your friends and followers lists, if they still show up once booted.
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    I just had exactly the same experience only we knew it was the same player. She was constantly requesting for rare items for her main farm lvl 125 and her baby farm lvl63... I was patient for a while but eventually it got out of hand and sort of had a bad influence in our hood so had to boot her, both of her farms... I can tell you it feels so much better now. So just go for it!!
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