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    Colors for "!" Sign

    i have idea to color the "!" Sign when people asking for help, so when you get into the market and you see the "!" sign , you dont have to search which help is needed. sometime when you have a Derby Helping task , you searching for revives trees or bushes to finish the task fast.

    just for the example :
    Red color for Revives trees or bush.
    Blue color for Boat help ,
    Green color for Town help ,
    Yellow color for Truck.
    or multiple color when people ask for multiple helps.

    hope you guys understood my idea

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    This idea has been discussed in the past, and for now we don't have any plans to change how it works now.


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    I look to see if they are asking for help in town/truck/boat. if not, I then look to trees. this method does not work well if they are asking for both trees and town/truck/boat. i only help boats and trees

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    Some things in life just need to be slightly challenging, this is one of them without any challenges the game would become boring.

    Of course there are times when I wish I could go directly to the kind of help I’m looking to do, but I think it’s better for the game as a whole that we can’t.

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    I would like to see red bar stating the no sale, and green for yes to complement the wait yellow with the walk up visitors.

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