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Thread: Clan leader chat

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    Clan leader chat

    Okay so in my opinion it would make sense if there was an extra chat for the leaders of the clan, so they can make plans together.
    Ik a clan should be sth like a together of all members, but for example my clan has the problem that there are so many people in it that we can't really make plans bc if you have a question for sb you have to hope that person is online or they will never read it.
    Or if this is just excluding ppl, you maybe could let the clan leaders make sth like groups you can give a topic and can decide who to put in? Like the leader makes one for donations and one for the chat where everyone is in an then a smaller group where they make plans or sth

    Idk, it would just be handsome I guess

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    I'm sorry but your idea is ruled out. Please, be kind, and read the Sticky on the previous page of this sub-forum for all ruled out ideas before posting any "new" ideas that could be ruled out by SC.

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