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    80 item limit...confused....please help

    I have played Hay Day for years, my mother too, and often we trade expansion items for our barn, silo, and land. We both buy diamonds often as well.

    I realize that a limit if 80 expansion items a day came with the new update, and it is causing us major problems. We trade materials between each other and we are hitting our limits often. I lost 10 planks today, because she reached her limit and I had no way to get them out of my store. I have been dealing with it ok, but losing my planks today has made me angry! I need to understand why the limit benefits me or I will never spend one more dollar on diamonds for Hay Day ever again... so someone here please help me.

    1. If we have limits on expansion items you would think someone would have been bright enough to give us a counter so we are aware of how many we have left.

    2. I am understanding that the limit was put in place to discourage bot farms. There are problems with this on so many levels, unless I am wrong about my understanding of bot farms. I understand that bot farms help a player cheat by selling wheat or corn all day so that the player generates expansion material for a larger farm.

    Wouldnít the bot farmers just trade less each day? Who cares? They would still benefit. It may take them a couple of extra days to complete an upgrade, but they would still be getting them way more often than if they didn't have the bot farm, right?
    If I am understanding bot farms correctly, it wouldnít shut them down at all. It would just limit them. The only players suffering are ones like me and my mother, who play Hay Day way too much...and we actually spend money! Bot farms have not once hurt me, but limiting me because of them ?? That hurts me. A cheater is going to cheat. Itís just the way it is. Punishing people who are supporting your game with real money seems like the worst idea I have ever heard! That leads me to believe that there is something I am not understanding. Hay day is a business, right? With employees that want to make money? Donít bite the hand that feeds you, and the players being punished are the ones that feed you.

    The bot farm idea makes no sense either, because bot farms donít generate town expansion tools, but they count in our 80, but a bot farm would produce tons of saws and axes and they donít count in our 80. Bottom line... it makes no sense for this to be Hay Dayís answer to bot farms.

    I do not want to stop playing Hay Day. However, if some better explanation doesnít come, I will never buy another diamond. It has been a big part of my life for a long time, but I am mad about this. It seems to me that more than stopping bot farms it punishes serious players. Face it....the limit will never bother a casual player. They wonít reach it in a day anyway. They also wonít spend money to buy diamonds for a game they casually lay...your serious players do that.

    Someone please help help me if I am missing something!

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    See this thread, which should answer some of your questions:

    And there's a counter suggestion thread over in IFR if you want to chime in there in support of a counter being added to know where you are within the EM limit.
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