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Thread: ARMY COMP @ TH12 Legends League

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    ARMY COMP @ TH12 Legends League

    Hey guys,

    Im th12 max and what to improve my Air attacks. Currently im in legends league 5300ish. How do you use queencharge lavaloon?

    What are things you need to take out with the Queen and how do you know where to set your stoneslammer?

    Greetings from Austria !

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    1 Funneling

    Make sure you funnel for your queen charge..
    Side A - example 12 o clock - 2 loons first followed by babydrag <Make sure you deploy loons near to wall placed defense, it serve dual purpose take down the defense or trigger air mine or bombs>
    Side B - example 3 o clock - drop your king
    Phase 2
    2 Queen charge
    Once the funnel is established , drop a test loon followed by queen and healers
    Goal - CC & queen+EA/Inferno/Air defense/TH/xbow
    you should make sure that you make horseshoe or U or L like path for loons
    3 Laloon
    Drop 1 lava followed by 10 loons<from left[12 o clock] or right side[3 o clock] , make sure you drop the troops from the side where ur queen entered> here i will start with 12 o clock for example
    i want my loon to travel anti clock wise i.e.
    12>9>6>3 o clock , I hope you understand this part
    I have to make sure that my 1 lava and 10 loons shud go to core and not on the side, to do this
    I'll deploy other hound and stone slammer(loons,rage) at 11 o clock and 10 o clock respectively and speed it up with haste
    inorder to take the defenses down quickly so that the main army travel to the core
    use hastes and freezes to take down splash damaging defenses.
    Use warden ability when TH goes down
    for safety purpose , take 1 earthquake spell to activate TH <later you can skip this once you get the hang of it>
    Note : sprinkle minions in groups of 3 or 4 right after you deploy hound/slammer + loons

    Hope this helps
    If you want to see video for it , check itzu channel , he recently uploaded how to do QW/SUI lalo

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