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Thread: Change in Mail Order Catalog

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    Question Change in Mail Order Catalog

    The Catalog has become boring. We all have enough flowers, fences and walk stony. Why not change it up on a monthly or bi monthly basis? Add baby chicks, calves, baby ducks, lambs that can be fed to grow up and add to current groups of animals.

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    Flat dead pixels no issue, but interactive moving stuff... game will lag.

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    I agree that it is a long time since the last change to the catalogue. I think monthly changes would be too often considering you can only get 7 cards per day and might need 35 for one packet and then not get the desired decoration because of the percentages/probability of getting them are very low. And also there are different boxes (like booster offer or tool offer). I would like them to stay for long enough to have a good chance of getting all of the decos

    The second idea of having animals that you could grow I find very interesting. + 1 for that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin9632 View Post
    Flat dead pixels no issue, but interactive moving stuff... game will lag.

    Yeah I agree. Probably will take the farm much more time to load and reload too if there is much of that stuff loaded onto it.
    My visual is already impaired when all of that extra goofy animation was added to the crop harvesting. Might be amusing for new players to the game but very annoying otherwise.

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