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Thread: [Recruiting] KY Crusaders (#PQPOCR89) | TH10+ | Max Clan Perks | Clan Games/Wars/CW

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    Smile [Recruiting] KY Crusaders (#PQPOCR89) | TH10+ | Max Clan Perks | Clan Games/Wars/CW

    Hey Clashers! We've changed our recruiting procedure!!! We're now actively competing in competitive leagues and we're asking all new recruits interested in competitive play to go through a trial run. All new recruits should join Knight Crusades (#2P8R29GG9) for a few trial wars/attacks. Once qualified, they can join KY Crusaders. If not interested in competitive play, you're welcome to remain in KC. Any and all questions can be addressed on our Discord server.

    So, if you're looking for a challenge and want to be part of an awesome war clan, check us out! Below is some of what we offer; DM me with any questions and CLASH ON!

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    Quote Originally Posted by STILLNOTITDAD View Post
    We've moved a lot of accounts to our mini clan so we have room for more war ready TH10s+ Come check us out!
    Could I bring over a TH12/TH11/TH9 almost 10?

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    Knight Crusades still on a tear...21 win war streak and the last 9 wars have been 100%!

    Kentucky Crusaders is building some momentum too with 5 wins in a row.

    Come join an awesome clan family and start to enjoy Clashing again!

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    Drawing for the gift card is today. Both clans maxed Clan Wars (never any doubt) and we have over 15 players that maxed with 4,000 points.

    CWL is just 3 days away!

    If you're interested, apply today at

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    how many th13,12,11,10, and 9 players do you have?

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    Got a couple of new recruitment posters....but the forum will only allow me to show one in a post....will load the other tomorrow!

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    ....and here is our 2nd new poster!

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    Recruiting is going well, spots are filling up! If you're looking for a solid clan to call home, check us out!

    Apply @

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    We just went through a major Discord server over haul! Things are much better organized and look great too! Come check it out @

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    Clan update: We maxed Clan Games in both clans once again! $10 gift card went to Mr.Kerux, congrats! We're prepping for CWL, spin starts tomorrow.

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