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Thread: [Recruiting] KY Crusaders (#PQPOCR89) | TH10+ | Max Clan Perks | Clan Games/Wars/CW

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    Smile [Recruiting] KY Crusaders (#PQPOCR89) | TH10+ | Max Clan Perks | Clan Games/Wars/CW

    Hey Clashers! We've changed our recruiting procedure!!

    KY Crusaders
    is now actively competing in clan war leagues and we're asking all new recruits interested in competitive play to go through a trial run to determine your skill level.

    If you're not interested in competitive play but are looking for a fun, positive clan, Knight Crusades is the clan for you! Don't worry, just because KC isn't in competitions doesn't mean we don't war well. As of this moment, we're on a 20 win war streak!

    So, if you're looking for a challenge and want to be part of an awesome clash family, check us out! We're only accepting applications through our Discord server so all new recruits should apply @

    Below is some of what we offer; DM me with any questions and CLASH ON!

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    Quote Originally Posted by STILLNOTITDAD View Post
    We've moved a lot of accounts to our mini clan so we have room for more war ready TH10s+ Come check us out!
    Could I bring over a TH12/TH11/TH9 almost 10?

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    how many th13,12,11,10, and 9 players do you have?

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    Well, CWL came and went. We combined to one clan again and now Knight Crusades is in Masters III! Oy....

    Also, there's a thing I'm not going to mention because I don't want to jinx it but still exists.

    Come be a part of the team! Apply @

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    Still clashing and still having fun! Come find a new home! Clan Games will be coming up soon.

    Join @

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    Sad news, our win streak ended at 39...sad, but also beats our previous record of 37 so :shrug:

    Come check us out @

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    Clan Games have begun. We'll be getting max tier rewards in both clans. Come and join us!

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    We maxed Clan Games in both clans as usual. Hosting a gift card drawing for the Crusaders that got to 4k! Does you clan give away gift cards every month?

    Come check us out @

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    CWL is already here! We have one clan in Crystal 1 and one in Masters 2. If you're looking for a clan to get medals, we're it!

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    Last post.....if you read this and want a new clan and have a qualifying base, check us out.


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