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Thread: Attack start th11

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    Attack start th11

    How would I go about attacking a loose base. Not tight together. Right now I use a variation of a heavy hitters attack but I know that doesn’t work with all bases. I am currently upgrading miners to level 5 not sure if that helps or not.

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    Electrodragon+lavaloon AttackIt will help you to make three.
    YouTube :
    TH12 Batspell Strategy
    TH12 island base Strategy
    TH12 ring base Strategy
    TH11 island base Strategyㅣ

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoDamTV View Post
    Electrodragon+lavaloon AttackIt will help you to make three.
    Not sure about eddys on a loose base...

    Miners could also be an option, cc troops are a huge threat, but the attack is not super objective dependent, when it comes to things like heros, eagle, wiz towers. The approach can change slightly depending on splash d, eagle and xbow placement, but no absolute musts to take down.

    If the base is spread out but the walls are consensed, so that your heros can cut out a good corner chunk of the base, this sets up great pathing for drags, and could choose from frozendragon or dragbat.

    If you choose to use a troop like Miners or dragons, pathing is priority over objectives. The difference in the way you choose how to setup pathing for these attacks is that drags can deal with cc by themselves, miners cannot.
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    why dont you try
    bowler witch strat with couple of ice golems

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