I have an issue with recruiting here. I opened up the recruitment section and read the top ad. It sounded like a member who may be a good option for my neighborhood so I hit "reply". Thankfully I did not get too far into it because I glanced at the poster and it said it was actually posted 3 weeks ago. 😐
Another poor leader was so desperate to recruit that they actually responded to a very old ad from someone who is most likely NOT looking anymore. This bumped an almost month old ad up to the top of the page. As I look around the recruitment section this is quite often the case. Whyyyyyy? Can Supercell please please please do something about this? I mean, I do see the shortage of members looking for a neighborhood. Does it look better to have so many many pages of old ads on the site?
I see there is not the same issue in the recruiting of the neighborhood section though. Soooooo many neighborhoods....should there be any criteria for starting a new neighborhood?
I am on the Discord section also. The Hay Day Discord server recently posted that they will not be keeping old ads for members looking for a neighborhood past a week old. Hallelujah!! Not such a waste of my time.
Can we maybe warn members who answer months old ads...even weeks that bump it back up to the top? Can we require members to post they have found a neighborhood and shut down their thread?
I remember i made a mistake once and posted my neighborhood ad too close together. I received an official warning. So I do know mods are keeping watch. Please can Supercell look into this problem and maybe make some forum changes. Also maybe add somethng to make members want to put up more looking for neighborhood ads rather than just opening yet another new neighborhood. My neighborhood has been here for 5 years. It wasnt always like this but now it seens the norm. Leaders are practically begging for members on this site and members are neighborhood hopping to their hearts content. My neighborhood is doing great I do not get into trying to lure members. We have 97 golds and finished this derby 12,000 points ahead of the competition. I would just like to see the recruitment section more evened out and actually not a waste of time. Thank you for your time...any ideas?