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Thread: TH 12 Near Max

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    Hello Yeti, I've sent you an invite if you're still looking for a clan. Hope to hear from you, good luck in your search!
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    Can't invite your inbox is full.

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    Hi Bino,

    If you're still looking for a clan then we may be what you're looking for. You'd be welcome to join out main clan.

    We have four active international clans in the Bailey family. All follow the general rules:
    English speaking only.
    Adults 18+
    Drama free
    Back to back wars (can opt out)
    Townhall not rushed (Builder hall should be! 😁 )

    The Bailey (in-game link, forum post)
    The original clan, established in the UK about 4 years ago.
    For TH11s and TH12s.

    The Bailey II (in-game link, forum post)
    Established this year originally to run a second CWL, however quickly grew in a couple of months to an active war clan. Generally TH10s and above.

    The Bailey III (in-game link, forum post)
    Another super active war clan, constantly a friendly competition between B2 and B3.
    Generally TH9s (10/10+ heroes) and above

    The Bailey IV (in-game link, forum post)
    Our newest clan. Started to accommodate the fast growth of the bailey family of clans. Currently has over 40 active members! Bailey V anyone?
    Generally TH9s and above.

    We use Discord to communicate between clans and as to assist in recruiting, strategy and planning, however it's not a requirement. If you're interested please join our Discord Server or if you don't use Discord just apply in game saying you're from the forums or just message me.

    Wishing you all the best in your search.



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    Hi BinoYeti,

    We have a clan you can farm in and a sister clan you can war in when you want. Both clans max clan games. God$ of War #PPRLVUL9 takes th10 and below to war and the 12s we have are there for farming and donations. We have a sister clan, Clan of Clashes #2PYQLPGR, that focuses on th 11-12 wars. You have the option to farm in one clan if that's primarily what you're looking for and war in the other including CWL.

    Here are the details for Clan of Clashes (GOW is similar except for the TH levels):

    If you think we're a fit, please stop by, T
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    Hey Bino,

    take a look at our clan. Lvl 20, 600 war wins, champs 3 in cwl. Great teammates and a strong war win %

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    We are a active clan looking for members like u we have around 3 th12s we are getting a 4th soon we would love to have u u would soon be are 5th th12!

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    #YLRQJRU join lvl 12 clan....make sure you speak english and highly active ✌️

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    Check out redzz warzz

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