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Thread: How to evaluate an attacking strategy for legends?

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    How to evaluate an attacking strategy for legends?

    I have been looking for a reliable strategy to attack in legends for a long time. I have been studying videos by YouTubers, replays from clan mates, reading in forums. I still feel that I can't get the information I need. So, I decided to write down some thoughts about how to properly suggest an army for legends and provide evidence that it works.

    a) Does the army work on ring bases? If it doesn't, I would say to you: don't even bother suggesting it! Remember that base design these days is taking advantage of troop AI deficiencies. The most successful bases are these that make it hard for your troops to path to the TH, and ring bases are the most common examples.

    b) Does the army work on teaser bases? Again, if it does not, don't bother suggesting it, as teaser bases are very common.

    c) Don't deliberately pick and choose your results. Showing one or two replays where a strategy 3 starred, while hiding the other 57 replays where you got 1 star does not help. The best strategies are those that reliably 2 star everything.

    d) Try to avoid armies that get too technical. Remember, not everyone can get a queen walk/charge to path the right way, drop wall breakers at just the right time to avoid mortar/wiz tower fire etc. Oddly enough, warden walks are actually OK for the most part, as it is very easy to pull the warden back into the bulk of the army (given that the warden actually follows other troops). Suicide heroes is also pretty straightforward.

    e) Be consistent! Warning players that, with a certain strategy, you need to take down the TH early, and then showing a replay where you drop the army from the opposite side of the TH and you 3 star by taking the TH last just causes confusion! Also, showing a replay where you have modified the composition of the army so that you "magically" get the troop you need for the base you are about to attack is a big no no! Are you doing pekka smash with 2 jumps or 4 quakes? Are you going for pekka bobat with two rages or a rage and a jump? State the army composition upfront and never modify it! Any slight modification should be treated a completely different army.

    So, what are your most reliable legend strategies?
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    Troops: 2 eDrags, 4 pekka, 4 healers, 9 bowlers, 1 arch, 1 wiz, 1 loon.
    Spells: 1 Rage, 3 Freeze, 5 Bats, 1 poison
    CC Wrecker: 1 Ice Golem, 1 Pekka, 1 Rage.

    That army has recently helped me achieve a perfect legend day (8 x 3 star) and has also helped me win 6 stars against TH12 in 2 consecutive wars.
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    I'd also recommend PekkaBoBat, it's usually a safe 2 star on any base layout with decent chance for 3. I'd say my legends ratio with that attack is like 15 % chance for 3 stars, 15 % chance for 1 star and 70 % chance for 2 stars.

    One stars are usually high 80 % damage or more and often resulted by my own risky approach rather than army incapability. Two stars are usually anything between 70 % and 99 %.

    The exact army composition I use is:
    - 5 Pekka, 1 ice golem, 8 bowlers, 1 witch, 4 healers and 6 wizards in camps.
    - 1 rage, 3 freezes, 5 bats and a poison spell.
    - 1 pekka, 1 ice golem, rage and wall wrecker for cc.

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    I'm floating between 5200 & 5300 without my GW & King (constantly upgrading, catching up):
    -7 Edrags & 14 loons
    -3 rage, 3 haste, 2 freeze
    CC: SS, 8 loons, 2 freeze

    Usually get 2 stars.

    IMO, PekkaBoBat is better and more reliable if you have all 3 heroes and have practiced it.

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    Best strategy for me for any combo(bases you get sometimes the worst enemy of your troops) was:
    1. Be Relaxed ( Just enjoy the game)
    2. Dont Panic (if something went wrong, try to improvise at least get 1star)
    3. Dont be afraid to loss some cups (failed attacks happens, just get used to it and learn from it)
    4. Always have a Anti-Heart Attack Medicine beside you (doin some attacks that you think was bound to fail sometimes makes your heart beats faster than normal)
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    I use a queen walk with hogs. Bring a quake to activate the town hall when necessary, or just use to soften some other defenses up if your queen walk gets the TH. 32 hogs or so, 5 healers. 2 heals, 3 freeze, quake, poison, 2 rage
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    My army looks something like: 8-9 witches, 1 pekka, 5 giants, 1 ig, 2 ed, 2 loons, 3 healers and filler with rages a poi and 4 freeze. CC pekka, ig and rage with ww.

    Eds works great for creating a wide funnel (loons for testing mines). If the th is somewhere around the middle I usually approach from the side easiest to funnel. If it's offset, I take a route not directly the closest to th, like at an angle. If it's a ring base I delay the drop of some witches and the pekka and use freezes to protect the ww, early freeze heros if they are near th to prevent them distracting the pekka.

    Gets me a solid 2 (around 70-80%) most of the times with a fair amount of 3s.

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    Interesting question - what is the most reliable army to use in Legends. I'd have to answer it with a question..... what is your goal?

    Are you looking to push as high as you can?
    Are you just looking for loot?
    Are you just aiming to get a reliable 2 stars?
    Do you want to practice for War attacks, against maxed level bases?

    I find base designs tend to vary a lot depending on how high you get. Lots more ring bases at lower trophy levels, but more anti-3 bases with an exposed town hall, as you push up.

    Personally, I'm alternating between QW with Pekka and bowler, and QW with hogs. I've had great success, and great failures, with both! I'm not however pushing, and quite content to stay in low Legends at the moment.

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