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Thread: Level 20 look for a active neighbour

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    Level 20 look for a active neighbour

    Hi I am new to this game. Looking for a good neigh hood.

    English speaking. Active. But am new to this game. Still figuring out the game.


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    We're a stable, long-standing neighborhood that has a lot to free coins!

    We are active, chatty, lots of trading, and plenty of tips and tricks on how best to succeed at Hay Day. We'll show you proven strategies for your Farm, Fishing, and Town areas as well as solid derby strategies with the help of our Neighborhood Website and Facebook Group. No requirement to participate in the derby, but if you do, we ask you to complete 300+ point tasks. We also award up to 98,800 Derby Bonus Coins to our top derby contributors. We've given away over 8,900,000 coins to date.

    YOU: We're looking for active, English speaking players from any time zone.

    US: We have 26 adult members, are in the Champions League, and have plenty of daily players. Lots of tool trading and assistance for new members too.

    Come grow your farm with us! Players between experience levels 18 to 48 welcome.

    Our name: The Playbook (#82980LGR)
    Our league: Champions (9 horseshoes)
    Members: 26

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